Art Without a Frame

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Joshua Bell, the best violinist in the world, took his $4 million Stadivarius violin into a D.C. metro station and played. Almost nobody paid him any attention at all.The same thing happened when Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself as a homeless man and dribbled a soccer ball around the streets of Madrid.These are examples of art without a frame.Talent is art. But the most talented people in your company or on your team are probably not walking around with big signs around their necks that say “most talented”.Talent develops within a context, and it needs a context to even be recognized.Are we assessing and developing talent in the right context?And do we have eyes to see it?All day long we are, to some degree, evaluating the value of art by looking at frames.If we don’t want to be fooled, we should also pay close attention to the art. 

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