The Great Dancing Plague of 1518

During the High Renaissance, dancing mania reached its peak. For several hundred years, there had been small flare-ups of men, women, and children who started dancing erratically in public places until they dropped from exhaustion — and no one knew why.

Beauty in Business

Brunello Cucinelli has built a fashion empire as a transcendent leader—one who cares more about leading his staff and clients to a deeper relationship with beauty. He has almost single-handedly built the Italian countryside town of Solomeo into a testament to this transcendent value. All are benefiting from the boldness of his vision.

לורם איפסום לורם איפסום לורם איפסום לורם איפסום

לורם איפסום דולור סיט אמט, קונסקטורר אדיפיסינג אלית גולר מונפרר סוברט לורם שבצק יהול, לכנוץ בעריר גק ליץ, ושבעגט ליבם סולגק. בראיט ולחת צורק מונחף, בגורמי מגמש. תרבנך וסתעד לכנו סתשם השמה – לתכי מורגם בורק? לתיג ישבעס.

Wine Connection

Joe Maddon, head coach of the Chicago Cubs, has an unconventional approach to handling violations of team rules. When a player violates a team rule, Maddon asks the player to draw a slip of paper out of a glass bowl in his office. Each slip contains the name of a wonderful bottle of wine. What happens next is the key.

1 + 31 = 131

1+31 = 131. I find this a far more interesting proposition than the cliche’d 1+1=3. Everybody knows, intuitively, that 1+1=3. Humans have been having babies for millennia. Business schools call this “synergy.”  1+ 31 = 131 makes perfect sense. It’s logical. Until we realize that the world is made up of symbols—things with rich and […]

Art Without a Frame

Joshua Bell, the best violinist in the world, took his $4 million Stadivarius violin into a D.C. metro station and played. Almost nobody paid him any attention at all.The same thing happened when Cristiano Ronaldo disguised himself as a homeless man and dribbled a soccer ball around the streets of Madrid.These are examples of art […]