Building Up the Body of Christ through Personal Vocation

ByLuke Burgis
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Al Kresta interviews Dr. Joshua Miller on his show, “Kresta in the Afternoon”, on Ave Mardio Radio (EWTN), about the importance of personal vocation for the renewal of the Church, with a particular focus on how to draw out the gifts and talents of children and each member of the body of Christ.

Thank you, Al Kresta, for this beautiful introduction:

St. John Paul II taught over many fields. He’s probably best known for his Theology of the Body and for his understanding of the human person. Foundational to what he taught is the affirmation that each person is unique and unrepeatable. That affirmation is the primary and fundamental way of the Church. We’ve been talking so much about the co-responsibility of the lay faithful, but that rests upon an understanding that all of us are created and redeemed and have a particular call. We have the universal call to holiness, of course. But even beyond that, there is a call to marriage or religious life or consecrated virginity. And even beyond that, there is call to exercise the various gifts that we possess by virtue of creation and by virtue of being baptized and confirmed—to apply those gifts to the building up of the body of Christ so that we might attain maturity. When the world looks upon the Church, the world must see the Son of God in operation within our community.

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