Lisa Hendey and the Grace of “Yes” to Personal Vocation

Saying “yes” to a vocation is not always easy. In this episode Dr. Joshua Miller interviews Lisa Hendey, best selling author, founder of, and evangelist working to help each person say “yes” to their personal vocation. We talk primary about Lisa’s book The Grace of Yes where she presents virtues each can cultivate for consistently […]

Prayer for Personal Vocation

Prayer for Personal Vocation Father of Mercy, You called every creature into being, and continue to call them to Yourself through your Son, Jesus Christ. You call each person in a special way from the first moment of existence to an unrepeatable vocation, To be priest, prophet, and king of all creation, To a personal […]

Culture of Vocation: Part 1

Challenges to Building a Culture of Vocation Part 1 – Our Culture of Calculation The Curious Case of the Sadistic Poker Player of Discernment God is not a Sadistic poker player. Yet this is the image that many young people unknowingly have of him. He holds the cards of our lives in his hands. He knows the secret […]

Homeschool Course on Vocational Discernment: Syllabus

Discerning Personal Vocation A Course in Ethics Offered by Mary Seat of Wisdom Classical Community Fall Semester, 2017 – Wednesday Evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm Joshua Miller, Ph.D. Course Overview After looking at contemporary culture and its impact on vocational discernment, we consider how God uniquely designs each person and how that design orients […]

Vocation of Business

Putting A Stamp on Creation The Greek word for “character”, charaktíra, referred to the stamp or impress used on a coin or seal. Nature is the seal. What kind of stamp will you imprint on it? Vincent Van Gogh said that “Art is man added to nature … nature, reality, truth, but with a significance, […]

The Culture of Me

FOREWORD Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person Growing up has never been easy, and some would describe it as a lifelong process. But whether we define “growing up” as something that only ends when we die, or whether we think of it as those years of adolescence and young adulthood when a character […]

Prayer for Personal Vocation

This prayer for personal vocation is a prayer that each person may discover, embrace, and live out their unique, personal vocation in the world. Please pray with us for the cultivation of all vocations, across every state of life, that each person might discern and live out their calling. If we cultivate the seeds of […]

Discerning Vocation Through Storytelling

Luke Burgis talks about the importance of storytelling — especially listening to the Achievement Stories of others — in the discernment of vocation. Discerning a vocation is never a solitary affair but involves the loving care and attention of others who can listen to us with empathy and reflect back to us some important piece […]

The Personal Vocation of St. Gianna Molla

The full story of the vocation of Saint Gianna Molla is below the video. It is an excerpt from the book on personal vocation, Unrepeatable. At age thirty-eight, Gianna Molla had three beautiful children from three difficult pregnancies. Intestinal dysfunction, excessive vomiting, and prolonged labor pains were the norm for her. In 1961, Gianna was […]

Our Culture of Disincarnation…And How To Combat It

We live in a culture of disincarnation, which makes it a challenge to discern a vocation. According to the philosopher Fabrice Hadjadj, it’s the crisis of “fake wood”. First, we make laminate, then plywood, then particle board, then plastic with imitation wood grain. Finally, we put it in a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen on […]