Building Up the Body of Christ through Personal Vocation

Al Kresta interviews Dr. Joshua Miller on his show, “Kresta in the Afternoon”, on Ave Mardio Radio (EWTN), about the importance of personal vocation for the renewal of the Church, with a particular focus on how to draw out the gifts and talents of children and each member of the body of Christ. Thank you, […]

The Revitalizing Power of the Arts: The Harmonium Project

The Harmonium Project is revitalizing a city through the unifying power of the arts. Marc and Maura discuss how they got involved in this ambitious project to bring joy to a city that has been economically depressed and struggling to shape its identity. Visit the Harmonium Project website. 

Renewing Steubenville: The Center for Leadership at Franciscan University

America needs leaders. Desperately. Hear how the Center for Leadership at Franciscan University is forming leaders who understand the dignity of the human person, the sanctity of life, and role of faith in shaping the social order. In this episode, Dr. Joshua Miller interviews David Schmiesing, the Vice President of Student Life at the Franciscan […]

Renewing Steubenville: AIM Women’s Center for Crisis Care

The AIM Women’s Center helps women in crisis. Hear the remarkable story of its Director and her journey to become the leader or an organization that once played a critical role in her own life. Every life is a vocation, and abortion is always the loss of a unique and unrepeatable vocation in the world. […]

The Vocation of the Farmer: An Independent Farmstead

An independent farmstead on soil that the state of Ohio declared “not suitable for agriculture”? It’s not only possible – it’s thriving. Shawn and Beth cultivated that land, and now 90% of the food that their family eats comes straight off of it. Listen to their very special journey of unique, personal vocation. The vocation of the […]

Renewing Steubenville: Introduction to the Vocation of the Laity

Dr. Joshua Miller explains the central role of unique, personal vocation in the life of the Church, and lays the groundwork for the series “Renewing Steubenville.” The vocation of all of the laity is to sanctify the world around us. In Steubenville, OH, home of Franciscan University of Steubenville, the laity are taking this mission […]

The Vocation of Politics

The vocation of politics, or the vocation of a politician, is a misunderstood vocation in today’s world due to the political turmoil that we are in and the partisan divides. But what should a Catholic’s relationship to political life really be? What about a Catholic who feels called by God to a life of public […]

Fr. Leo Patalinghug: Food & Hunger in Vocational Discernment

What’s the connection between desire and vocation? In this podcast, priest and chef Fr. Leo Patalinghug, founder of The Table Foundation, shares his vocation story and why food and hunger play a special role in the discernment of one’s unique, personal vocation. We have to pay attention to the deepest desires that God put in […]

A Spirituality of Food & Farming with Fred Kirschenmann

I journeyed up to the Stone Barn Center for Food & Agriculture with Claire Alsup, Director of Business Development for Yolele Foods, to interview Fred Kirschenmann, the “philosopher farmer” who wrote one of my favorite books on ecology (not that I read a ton of them) and the most interesting title for a theological essay ever: Theological Reflections While Castrating a […]

Russell Shaw: A Prophetic Voice for Personal Vocation

Russell Shaw was one of the first Catholics to highlight the importance of personal vocation and has done so consistently for over 25 years. In this podcast, Shaw discusses how the paradigm of personal vocation is essential for helping laypersons realize their proper place as builders of God’s Kingdom on earth and for eliminating clericalism […]