Chris Stefanick on I AM ___ Rewrite your Name, ReRoute your Life

ByLuke Burgis
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Many of us cling to lies about ourselves that become false names and false identities. St. Peter, absorbed in his own shame, shrunk from Jesus when first called by him: “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord” (Luke 5:8). But Jesus confronted Peter’s false identity of being a mere “sinful man” with a new name and a personal vocation to be the “rock” of the Church.

“Peter needed to hear ‘You are a Rock.’ What do each of us need to hear?”

In this podcast Joshua Miller talks with internationally acclaimed Catholic speaker and writer, Christopher Stefanick, about his new book I Am_Rewrite your Name, ReRoute your Life.

Stefanick, challenges us to identify those false names we can dwell on, take them captive, and preach to ourselves (even aloud!) our true identity in Christ: I am a child of God, beloved of God. The point here is not “self help” with spiritual veneer so we can “feel good” but renewal in the Holy Spirit so we can live our personal vocations with great fruitfulness.

“The more we grow in conformity to Christ, the more we become who we are.”

We discuss:

  • How “self help” is properly understood as self-alignment with how God sees us: his own sons and daughters destined for eternal glory.
  • Doing the hard work of letting the reality that we are priests, prophets and kings truly infiltrate the way we think about ourselves and live into the world.
  • Chris’s own personal vocation and lessons he learned about it while writing the book.
  • Choosing sides between the enemy accuser (Satan) and the Holy Spirit advocate battling between our ears and taking captive every thought for Christ.
  • The need for the Church to exist not in reaction to cultural attacks but on the offense because the joy of the Gospel transforms everything.


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