Fr. Leo Patalinghug: Food & Hunger in Vocational Discernment

ByLuke Burgis
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What’s the connection between desire and vocation? In this podcast, priest and chef Fr. Leo Patalinghug, founder of The Table Foundation, shares his vocation story and why food and hunger play a special role in the discernment of one’s unique, personal vocation. We have to pay attention to the deepest desires that God put in our hearts.

Fr. Leo is a priest, entrepreneur, public speaker, writer, and servant leader who understands the role that food plays in human relationships. Fr. Leo Patalinghug is founder of the Olive Mass movement, which celebrates and honors everyone who works in the food industry, from chefs to servers to dishwashers, by inviting them to the Eucharistic table and learning from them about hospitality while sharing with them the gift of the Gospel.

Fr. Leo has a particularly unique vocational journey as a priest, and we think you’ll enjoy listening to how he discovered, embraced, and lives out his unique, personal, unrepeatable vocation.

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