Lisa Hendey and the Grace of “Yes” to Personal Vocation

ByLuke Burgis
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Saying “yes” to a vocation is not always easy. In this episode Dr. Joshua Miller interviews Lisa Hendey, best selling author, founder of, and evangelist working to help each person say “yes” to their personal vocation.

We talk primary about Lisa’s book The Grace of Yes where she presents virtues each can cultivate for consistently realizing God’s unique plan. Lisa shares how active belief orients us to realize custom tailored opportunities for service, how authentic humility challenges us to see our path never as “less than” that given to others, and how vulnerability opens us to how God blesses us through others, a key part of responding to His call.

Lisa also sheds light on how Catholics can continue to say “yes” to God when discouragement and doubt born by the scandal of clerical abuse grip us. “Become part of the solution,” Lisa urges, and step up to serve in practical ways. We must not assume a passive stance, but recognize that God wants us to cooperate with him to bring healing and renewal. For each of us personal vocation is not a “one and done” invitation but a dynamic and daily invitation to serve with our unique gifts. Accordingly, we must we watchful and attentive. What God wants from us, Lisa shares is “sometimes simple, sometimes challenging, but always needed.”

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