The Vocation of Politics

ByLuke Burgis
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The vocation of politics, or the vocation of a politician, is a misunderstood vocation in today’s world due to the political turmoil that we are in and the partisan divides. But what should a Catholic’s relationship to political life really be? What about a Catholic who feels called by God to a life of public service? Aristotle famously said that man is a “political animal”, so none of us can escape the important role that politics plays in the world, and our faith should should the way that we approach it.

Kimberly Hahn – wife, mother, author – is now helping to renew the city of Steubenville by renewing local politics. Through her role on the City Council, she is paving the way for the local entrepreneurs and others in the city who are undertaking courageous projects to bring hope to the people of Steubenville.

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