Tools and Training

We custom tailor these core offerings to the needs of our clients. We offer them in person or through video conferencing. Fees depend upon the duration of the event and the size/type of venue.

Personal Vocation Mentor Training

This is one of our core programs. People young and old absolutely need mentors to accompany them on their journey of faith in a way that respects and cultivates their unique callings. We train groups of mentors to:

  • understand the paradigm of personal vocation and apply it to every aspect of their work with mentees
  • use fulfillment stories to learn about mentees and cultivate their own self-awareness
  • learn how to ask powerful questions and listen with empathy
  • help mentees craft their own life story and integrate it fruitfully into God’s story of salvation

The training is highly interactive and takes place between four and six different meetings. Trainees practice, deepen, and apply their skills between sessions.

Fee range is usually between $2,500& $6,000


Cultivating personal vocation requires silence, prayer, and reflection. Retreats are a perfect setting for this important work. We offer retreats for those who want to individually grow in their own discernment of calling or for groups (e.g. religious communities or professional teams) who want individual members to flourish as well as the whole body to grow in mission effectiveness.

Sample retreat themes include: Building Group Culture Where Each Member and the Whole Can Flourish; Co-Creating Our Story with God InHis Story; Integrating Professional Development with Personal Calling; Identifying and Living Personal Vocation; Theology of the Body for Youth & Young Adults

Fee range is between $1,850 & $3,500


These are designed to help participants gain some basic skills in personal vocation cultivation that they can readily apply.

Sample workshop titles include: Building Strong & Healthy Ministry Teams; The Joy of Story: Cultivating Personal Vocation Through Storytelling; Asking Powerful Questions; Listening with Empathy

Fee range depends upon duration and size of venue; individual workshops cost between $500 & $750; a full day of workshops runs between $2,000 and $3,000

Keynotes& Presentations

We are happy to provide dynamic Catholic speakers for events especially related to Inscape’s Mission of renewing Church and society each unique person at a time.

Sample topics include: Personal Vocation: A Key Paradigm for Renewing Church & Society; Rediscovering and Unleashing the Vocation of the Laity; Theology of the Body; Prayer& the Sacraments

Featured Speakers

Joshua Miller, Ph.D.
Lindsey Schrock

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